Monday, January 16, 2017

Travels with our Grandkids III c – Inverness

Friday, 27 July: We arrived at Oxford station in good time for the train to Paddington, the first leg of a fairly complicated five-stage trip to Inverness…. But, as we learned at the gate onto the platform, the main line to Paddington was undermined and had been closed all week! Fortunately for us, railway employees all carry computers with which they can reorganize even the most confused travellers and, by a totally different route, we caught up to our original itinerary in Sterling, where we were finally able to sit in the seats I had reserved weeks before.
Here’s Keara, on the left below, in front of our hotel in Inverness, and on the right her view of Inverness Castle, directly across the river.

I actually did this painting, a Virtual Paintout entry, quite recently.  When I’d first learned the Virtual Paintout was to be in Scotland, I had mentioned that I might try the Scottish Parliament and when one of the people who had heard me say that saw this painting he said, “So that’s what the Scottish Parliament looks like… what’s so controversial about it?”  You’ll see in my second post about our time in Edinburgh, a few days from now.