Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Computer-generated Clean Energy Haiku

Peyto Lake

Here is what the three lines of haiku overlaid on the painting of Peyto Lake mean:

  1. The production of cement is said to be responsible for some six percent of human-caused greenhouse gas emissions. Is there a way to have cement production absorb more carbon dioxide than it emits, acting as a vehicle for carbon capture and sequestration, or CCS
  2. Environmental regulations may force development of new technology which will provide a competitive advantage by:
    • reducing pollution
    • improving  health
    • overcoming problems inherent in the adaptation of green technology – problems such as:
      • nuclear waste
      • intermittent or bad timing of renewable (eg solar) input
      • wind turbine noise pollution and higher costs
     3. Using the garbage: re-purposing, re-using or recycling (or the more recent up-cycling) materials which would be otherwise thrown out. ‘using’ garbage rather than just putting it somewhere is an environmental concept finally catching on across all sectors.

For the background illustrations (called haiga) to my computer-generated haiku, I have stylized some of my Canadian landscape paintings.