Thursday, January 1, 2015

Review of 2014/Plan for 2015

Review of 2014:
What went well? Travel journaling – especially the Balkans trip. I completed 24 paintings,  most of which I’m happy with, and the rest of which provide more interesting illustration than straight-up photographs.  Once again I’ve painted every Google Streetview location presented in the the Virtual Paintout this year. The pictures illustrating this post are from Rome, the December location.
What didn’t?   Adding people to my paintings… I added quite a few, but I’m not generally happy with them. 
What was new?  I finally learned something about iPad art at an excellent ‘Artogrphy’ course at Camosun College here in Victoria.

The Plan for 2015:
What to let go of to start 2015 anew?  Old projects that never got past the background info-gathering stage, or what’s left of those that have been excerpted for better projects.  That’s a lot of paper to be recycled out of binders and files, and a lot of MBs of computer memory to be cleared.
What to continue? I’m planning to continue travel journaling (and, of course, traveling) as much as I can.  So far I have two very tentative travel plans for 2015.  I hope to continue shifting from representational landscapes toward more stylized paintings and add some people to my landscapes.
What would I like for main accomplishment?  Finish ‘Fine Art of Physics’  Start a new book – it will be something I want to read that hasn’t been written yet. Try designing an iPad art app.