Friday, May 24, 2013

Gulf Island Artist Colonies

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Rainforest Rooster
Watercolour and crayon
©2013 Charlene Brown

A couple of weeks ago, the fundraising group I belong to at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria organized an art tour of Denman and Hornby Islands, just off the coast of Vancouver Island. Denman and Hornby are two of the Gulf Islands where enclaves of artists and artisans have lived and worked for many years – some since the back-to-the-land days of the Sixties. Our excursion included eight fascinating studios and galleries, some of which were located on tiny perfect farms buried deep in the forest, including that of world-renowned potter Gordon Hutchens  This work of art is Gordon’s henhouse. 
Seth Godin wrote an article recently, You should buy the book  Reading this – I read just about everything Seth Godin writes – reminded me that I should be flogging the book I have just written, Plein air painting: the drama… You should buy it.  Well, at least have a free look inside it on Amazon