Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Another Twentieth Century Flashback

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Banff sunset
Watercolour monotype
©1995 Charlene Brown

I was going to post a painting of the rest of the moose family with the cow and calf situated in the fenlands west of Banff, about 20 km from where I’d placed the bull moose three weeks ago. However, that painting isn’t quite ready… in fact the calf is looking more like a pinto pony than a moose, and is going to need some work.

So here’s ‘Banff Sunset’ instead – it includes the fenlands, just beyond the town, as well as the mountains that I’ve put in ‘The rest of the family.’

Like ‘The Great Wall of China,’ done at about the same time, ‘Banff Sunset’ was painted indirectly as a monotype – a print made by painting in watercolour on a Plexiglas plate, which is then run through a press with a dampened sheet of watercolour paper (in this case, blue-tinted paper) producing one unique print.