Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Painting Plein Air on Gozo

(click on image to enlarge)
Mnajdra, Island of Gozo, Malta
Watercolour and ink
©1999 Charlene Brown

Anyone familiar with the Neolithic temple of Hagar Qim at Mnajdra on the island of Gozo will know that it doesn’t line up with Filfa Island quite as picturesquely as shown here. And the folks who passed by as I was sketching this were certainly happy to point that out to me. In fact, you could barely see Filfa at the time, and they were happy to share this information with me as well.
Many artists love painting in public and interacting with passers-by, and they feel they learn a lot from people’s comments. I would like to be like that, but I still tend to seek out a corner to back into when painting en plein air so I won’t have to explain the (not always intentional) idiosyncrasies in my composition and techniques.
I’m thinking of gathering together some of my paintings that were at least partially painted en plein air, and posting them with the often hilarious conversations I got caught up in (or sometimes just overheard, which is even worse) while painting them. Some of the postcards I’ve painted for A Postcard From My Walk will be in this category…