Wednesday, November 23, 2011

When you miss your connection at Heathrow...

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Wembley Stadium from Terminal 5
Watercolour and marker
©2011 Charlene Brown

On the way home from our river cruise we were delayed just enough arriving in Heathrow to miss the once-a day flight to Vancouver. The next day, at about the time I’d promised to phone the family to say we’d arrived safely, I called instead to tell them I was becoming something of an expert on Terminal 5! 
Our son-in-law suggested I paint it… which seemed like a terrible idea at first, but it is quite a nice terminal, and after a few hours we noticed a mysterious arch on the horizon, and some of the many BA fins framed it nicely, so I took some pictures intending to identify and paint it when we got home.
We had thought it might be one of the huge structures built for the 2012 Olympics, but didn’t find anything on Google, so I showed one of the photos to my friends at A Postcard from my Walk, and two of them said it was Wembley Stadium (one mentioned the arch we'd seen was added five years ago and cost a fortune).  And our Olympic theory almost worked out -- Wikipedia advised us that Wembley was one of the main venues for the 1948 Olympics!