Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Painting on the Edge 2011

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Consolation Lake, Banff National Park
Watercolour and crayon
©2011 Charlene Brown
Painting on the Edge – for which I have never had a painting accepted – is a Vancouver-based competition, open to all living artists worldwide. This year, I had planned to email them a jpeg (Yes, they accept email entries!) of ‘Consolation Lake,’ but decided it was just another ‘pretty mountain scene’ and nowhere near adventurous enough to have any chance of being juried-in. At first I thought maybe I could improve it with some print collage, but then lost my nerve, thinking collage wouldn’t accomplish much besides reducing the prettiness. So, I saved myself the $20 entry fee, bypassed the middleman, and consigned it directly to my personal Salon des Refusés – a growing body of work consisting of all of my paintings rejected by Painting on the Edge. Last year, I did the same thing with my entry St John’s NL– although at that time, my reason for bypassing the middleman was that I missed the deadline for emailing it in.