Friday, October 22, 2010

Graphic novel now in print!

Epilogue of graphic novel
InDesign document, watercolour painting
©2010 Charlene Brown, characters by Philip Hogg 

The Epilogue, in which I promised everything would fall into place back in Ottawa – Gatineau, actually, with a view across the river to Ottawa – is now finished and my graphic novel has been printed!

It will be for sale at Legends here in Victoria, but you can read it, until I take it off my website, at Counter-Espionage Disinformation for Beginners:…the graphic novel (Be sure to set your reader at ‘side-by-side page views’ as the story sometimes works across the 2-page spread.)

And BTW, you can check out Philip Hogg’s blog by clicking on his name, above, or in any of my blog posts that include his artwork.