Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Extreme Sport of Watercolour Painting

Ninh Binh Temple, Viet Nam

Watercolour and crayon

©2008 Charlene Brown

I don’t usually post paintings on this blog two days in a row – mainly because I don’t usually paint them that quickly. But, as you can see, I didn’t just paint Ninh Binh Temple today. The reason I’m putting it up now is that it relates to an article I wrote, The Extreme Sport of Watercolour Painting, which appears in the current issue of Empty Easel I hope you’ll have a look at it, and check out the other features on Empty Easel – an excellent source of practical advice, tips, and tutorials for creating and selling art. My story probably isn’t as educational as most of the articles Empty Easel prints, but I hope you’ll find it inspiring, or at least entertaining.