Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Clean Energy Haiku VII: Quantum Leap Haiku Illustration – Plan B (continued)

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‘How to invent stuff’ haiku
©2015 Charlene Brown

I have experimented with the 17-shape design, South American Terraces III, the computer produced a few days ago. The objective was to get some idea of how much adjustment – colour triad, proportion, duplication – as well as a ‘finishing’ application of contour or connecting lines or embellishments  needs to be available in the final step of the Plan B procedure outlined below in order to make the quantum leap.

Plan B for haiku illustration will generate these 17 shapes, rather than deriving them from an existing painting, as was done for this ‘practice’ design.

Quantum Leap Haiku Illustration – Plan B
1.     Define a variety of organic/geometric shapes and display 17 of them (corresponding to the 17 syllables in a haiku) to compose the picture, while printing the haiku.
2.     As with Plan A, placement would begin in one of the Golden Section positions, and proceed according to general assymetric balance guidelines.
3.     Various image manipulations, custom-designed for the 17-shape compisition, would be available (automatic, with the option of manual application)

Will the results be enigmatic but inspirational? Or just bewildering?   …to be continued